Consulting for Mobile Veterinary Practices

You started a Mobile Veterinary Practice as you wanted freedom, flexibility and the ability to be in control of your income

 However you are driving all over the place, you feel limited to how much you can achieve in a day, it’s become really hard work and you are tired

 You don’t mind the hard work but the income doesn’t seem to be what you expected

Does this seem familiar?

It doesn’t have to be this way

Natasha works individually with Mobile Veterinary Practice owners in Australia & Internationally

Natasha’s experience consulting with mobile practice owners has allowed her to understand the unique opportunities and challenges they face in the current market.

Working with Natasha over 12 months, the focus is on creation, implementation and refinement of the strategy and process to facilitate growth in your mobile practice leading to increased clients and increased income.

There are five major areas that will be the main focus over the 12 months:

1.  Your Business

  •  we will discuss your business model and vision for your business as well as your business goals
  • you will understand the current opportunities and threats to your business

2. Marketing

  • create your 12 month marketing plan
  • creation of your social media channels and the strategy for your marketing
  • offline marketing

3. Your Clients

  • understand what clients wants & the client experience
  • what packs do you need to create for your clients
  • creating loyalty

4. Increasing Your Business

  • understand the 3 areas that you need to focus on to increase your business

5. Finances

  • Key Performance Indicators
  • Your money mindset


The 12 month Consulting Package includes:

  • 12 individual sessions with Natasha via the phone or Skype.  Sessions are scheduled monthly.
  • Unlimited email access to Natasha for any questions or review of the material your have created
  • Social & Emotional Intelligence Profile which allows your to understand your strengths and areas for development.  This will also include tools & exercises to increase your social & emotional intelligence competencies over the 12 months
  • DISC profile to assist you in understanding your communication and behavioural style as well as your clients.
  • Your Career Plan: access to the online course which will allow you to determine your career, business and personal goals.
  • Your Business Master Document:  a 20 page workbook which outlines the 12 month process and the main areas you need to focus on the build your business
  • Social Media Workbooks – Social Media Setup & Social Media Strategy: 2 detailed documents which outline how to correctly create your various social media channels and the strategy for your social media posting that will allow you maximum exposure.  You will understand how to drive traffic back to your website.
  • Your Money Mindset: one of the biggest hurdles to a profitable practice is correctly setting fees and invoicing.

At the end of the 12 month program, you will:

  • be clear about your short and long term goals for the business
  • be aware of the strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats to your business
  • know who your ideal clients are and how to find them
  • have a 12 month marketing plan
  • have created your social media channels and be posting frequently driving traffic back to your website
  • understand and be utilising offline marketing methods and word of mouth marketing
  • have created your Welcome pack, Puppy & Kitten packs, Senior packs
  • be utilising feedback & reviews to monitor client satisfaction
  • understand the 3 methods to increase your business
  • be aware of your KPI’s
  • be charging appropriately for your services which will increase your turnover
  • MOST IMPORTANTLY you will have a document of procedures that you can hand over to your employee so they know what to do for new clients, for vaccination reminders and when procedures are booked.

Your Investment:

The 12 month Mobile Veterinary Practice Consulting Package with Natasha includes 12 monthly calls personally with Natasha, unlimited email access, 2 profiles, the online course and 3 workbooks.  The investment is:

  • $5500 AUD single payment (includes GST).  This includes a paid in full 10% discount
  • $600 AUD per month (includes GST) for 12 months

Natasha found scheduling calls once/month allows enough time to complete the monthly tasks and fine tune results considering your mobile practice commitments.

The 12 month commitment is designed to ensure the best outcomes from the program

Contact Natasha at or on +61 (0)434 836 178 to schedule a strategy call to discuss how Natasha can help you accelerate your business success.



We sought Natasha’s expertise 12 months after our business was established. She has provided our business with direction and organisation and she has aided us in implementing systems and the framework for our business to grow.

We have had regular Skype interviews to discuss our progress and make plans for the next period.

Between meetings she has been fantastic at answering small questions and editing and enhancing our marketing material and is in regular contact.

She has been able to give feedback from both a Veterinary professional viewpoint as well as from a marketing and business admin view.

She has a great knowledge in current trends of social media and marketing .

Her manner is very approachable and friendly and I have no hesitation in saying that she has been invaluable to our business.

Dr Natasha Watts and Dr Chris Gleeson, Bayside Mobile Vet


If I hadn’t met Natasha at the time that I did, I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t still be running my business now.

I had set it up and had worked hard at building it up and marketing it but had come to a point two years down the track, where I was stuck.

Clients weren’t calling, I wasn’t making much money, and my bills were all due.

Even though I have supportive family and friends, they couldn’t guide me, and this is what I needed. With the problems mounting, I lacked clarity, and had no strategy or plan to change where I was, and no energy and enthusiasm left. I didn’t really even know what the problems were, and wasn’t sure where I would go to get some help.

The first and most important thing Natasha gave me was her infectious exuberance. Just having someone excited about the concept of my business when I wasn’t anymore, made a huge difference to the way I was looking at it.

She spent time listening carefully and asking questions to find out how I was running the business, and was able to help me identify that I didn’t know enough about how much the business earned, and how much it cost to run. It seems very simple but was something I had never taken a step back to look at and analyse. This then had a flow-on effect on the way I now charge for time and services, and the way I organise my day.

We identified several areas of weakness, namely time-management and insufficient marketing strategies, and I have since hired a nurse and planned several ways to get my brand and business concept more widely known.

I now have a clear idea of how I want my business to run. Profitability has already increased, and the marketing strategies I have in place will ensure my clientele grow.

Natasha  has given me knowledge about how my business can improve, has given me guidance by directing me to resources that I otherwise wouldn’t have found, and has given me the opportunity to see the potential of my business with fresh eyes.

I can’t thank her enough, and would thoroughly recommend her !”

Emma Somerville- owner of Vets On Wheels- Mobile Vet, Australia