Veterinary Career Plan

Veterinary Career Plan

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I see many veterinarians make common mistakes in the planning or lack of planning in their career.

I see veterinarians take new positions for what it doesn’t have (eg after hours, weekend commitments) rather than what that position can do for their career and life.

I see many veterinarians languishing in practices where they are frustrated, unfulfilled and/or stuck because they are undervaluing themselves and their unique knowledge & skills.

How many years did you spend attaining your veterinary career?

How much did it cost?

You need to invest time and effort now into determining and creating your ideal veterinary career and life.  

It won’t just magically happen.  You have to make it happen.

Learn the secrets of veterinarians who love what they do and have a career they enjoy.

Veterinary Career Plan is an in depth, online 5 module course where you will be able to determine what exactly you want from your career, what skills you need to build, how to do it and where best to do it.

It was created as a result of the experience I gained from the questions I asked, the ones I didn’t, the jobs I took for the right reason and the ones I took for the wrong reasons.   Plus the contributions of the many colleagues who I have watched and worked with over the years.

It is the exact system I have used over the years to make changes in my career.  I now work <20 hours/week in a practice I love, with clients I enjoy and I am compensated very, very well.  I planned and made strategic moves to get here.

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