Testimonials from Veterinary Coaching Clients


After working in a fantastic practice for over 10 years it was a very difficult to think about my future goals and plans being anywhere else. With life changing and a family to think of I needed advice about work life balance and the direction of my career. Speaking with Natasha helped bring clarity to my situation and I was able to see that many doors could open in my future, and that I had valuable talents and skills that were not able to be fully utilised in my current situation.
 I was able to see that I had to make the hard decisions to create the life and career that I wanted. The conversation with Natasha was easy, factual, clear, and life changing for me. She has a natural rapport with people and her coaching skills are exceptional . I would highly recommend her services to help anyone re-evaluate their career and life goals, and make sure you are living the life you want.
Dr Fiona Warton


Natasha helped me to both realise and utilise my unique skills and strengths as a Veterinarian to improve my performance and work satisfaction. She helped me to realise that I am a capable and skilled Veterinarian and that my time is a valuable asset.  Natasha also helped me develop confidence and the steadfast belief that I am to be treated with respect from my employer; not to be over-worked and under-supported. I have since gained employment in an enjoyable supportive environment and have dramatically improved my financial income and long-term career prospects.

Dr Jessica PickettJessica Pickett BVSc (Hons)





I would like to thank Natasha so much for the support and guidance for my career goals.
Thanks for listening to what I needed and then giving great advice and strategies to help me meet my goals. As a result I have increased my productivity and then a successful increase to my salary.
Thanks heaps
Dr. A. Williams BVSc, B.N.


Natasha is amazing. She has given me the confidence to move forward just when I felt as though I had come to an enormous standstill in my career. She has incredible insight into all aspects of the industry. Speaking to her, I feel as though new doors have already opened for me. I now have a much better grasp on what I need to do to get to where I want to be. Natasha is very knowledgable and incredibly easy to talk to. She gave me the best advice that I have ever received since beginning my career. She has helped me more than she will ever know and for that I am incredibly grateful.    Kate


Business Owners

Natasha has great insight into what it takes to drive change and improvement in your business.
Her commitment to learning what makes her client’s businesses work, and understanding of marketing and new technology makes her a great choice for vets wanting to take their practice into the digital age.
She’s also a great coach and mentor who can see the best in you and help you bring it to the fore.

Dr Dallas McMillanDallas McMillan, Director
Influential Branding & Marketing




We sought Natasha’s expertise 12 months after our business was established. She has provided our business with direction and organisation and she has aided us in implementing systems and the framework for our business to grow. We have had regular Skype interviews to discuss our progress and make plans for the next period. Between meetings she has been fantastic at answering small questions and editing and enhancing our marketing material and is in regular contact. She has been able to give feedback from both a Veterinary professional viewpoint as well as from a marketing and business admin view. She has a great knowledge in current trends of social media and marketing . Her manner is very approachable and friendly and I have no hesitation in saying that she has been invaluable to our business.”

Dr Chris Gleeson & Dr Natasha Watts, Bayside Mobile Vet

If I hadn’t met Natasha at the time that I did, I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t still be running my business now.  I had set it up and had worked hard at building it up and marketing it but had come to a point two years down the track, where I was stuck.  Clients weren’t calling, I wasn’t making much money, and my bills were all due.

Even though I have supportive family and friends, they couldn’t guide me, and this is what I needed. With the problems mounting, I lacked clarity, and had no strategy or plan to change where I was, and no energy and enthusiasm left. I didn’t really even know what the problems were, and wasn’t sure where I would go to get some help.

The first and most important thing Natasha gave me was her infectious exuberance. Just having someone excited about the concept of my business when I wasn’t anymore, made a huge difference to the way I was looking at it.

She spent time listening carefully and asking questions to find out how I was running the business, and was able to help me identify that I didn’t know enough about how much the business earned, and how much it cost to run. It seems very simple but was something I had never taken a step back to look at and analyse. This then had a flow-on effect on the way I now charge for time and services, and the way I organise my day.

We identified several areas of weakness, namely time-management and insufficient marketing strategies, and I have since hired a nurse and planned several ways to get my brand and business concept more widely known.

I now have a clear idea of how I want my business to run. Profitability has already increased, and the marketing strategies I have in place will ensure my clientele grow.

Natasha  has given me knowledge about how my business can improve, has given me guidance by directing me to resources that I otherwise wouldn’t have found, and has given me the opportunity to see the potential of my business with fresh eyes.  I can’t thank her enough, and would thoroughly recommend her !”

Emma Somerville- owner of Vets On Wheels- Mobile Vet, Australia       www.vetsonwheels.com.au