Veterinary Coach

Natasha, a veterinary coach, has been helping veterinarians succeed in their career & improve their wellbeing for years.  Natasha specialises in improving soft skills & strategic planning that will accelerate your career.  Natasha can assist you with a large issue or a series of small issues.

Some ways that Natasha can help you:

  • Communication Skills Training
    Outcome:  learn what clients really want, how to build rapport, trust and credibility which leads to strong client relationships, increased client compliance & reducing miscommunication and errors.
  • Strategic Planning of your Career
    Outcome:  determine what you want from your veterinary career and life and how to choose employment and mentoring opportunities based on this to build your successful career.
  • How to Increase your Turnover & Income
    Outcome:  Natasha will show you where most vets discount and reduce their turnover by at least $100 000 per year, why they do this and how to dramatically increase your turnover which has an incredible flow on effect to your salary and career.
  •  Salary Negotiation
    Outcome: Learn the strategies to successfully negotiate a salary increase and how these strategies has increased the income of one of her clients by 90% in 2 years.
  •  Uncovering Mindsets & Behaviour that can Hinder your Career  
    Outcome:  Uncover patterns of behaviour and mindsets that are limiting your career success.  How to overcome them and move forward in your career.
  •  How to Become a Trusted Authority in your Practice
     Outcome:  Increase your profile in your practice and region leading to strong client relationships who are bonded to you.  The flow on effect is more enjoyment in practice and increased productivity.
  • Marketing You  
    Outcome:  Become comfortable with recognising your value and worth to clients, why they specifically should book consults with you & how to build your own clientele.
  • Understanding High Achievers
    Outcome: Understand the patterns of behaviour that helped you graduate may be sabotaging your success in your veterinary career.  How to become aware of these patterns and to make them work for you instead of against you.
  • Motherhood & Practice
    Outcome: Learn to value your knowledge, skills and how valuable your are to a practice.  Determine what you want from your career and how it fits in with the family life you want.  How to meet your needs and the needs of the practice and still have good benefits and be paid well.



Natasha works with clients globally so location is never an issue.  Coaching can be either face to face for local clients or via phone or skype as well as email access to Natasha.  The coaching package can be determined after the initial strategy session where we determine what actions need to implemented.


Natasha’s coaching programmes work in blocks of six sessions. This allows enough time to clarify your goals and objectives, develop the right strategies to achieve them and start the implementation process.

The investment for Natasha’s coaching package is

  • For Australian Residents:  AUS $2200 including GST.
  • For International Clients:  US $2200

Payment can be made by credit card (via paypal) or direct deposit. Clients can elect to pay monthly at a rate of AUS $850/month (incl GST) for Australian residents or US $850/month for international clients for 3 months.  All payments must be made in advance of the coaching sessions.

You will also be provided with

  • Various self assessments and profile to understand your individual style & preferences in practice
  • Strengths Profile to determine your personal strengths
  • Worksheets & Tools to aid in the outcomes of your coaching
  • Access to Veterinary Career Plan (valued at $97)
  • A 3 month online program giving you the skills & strategies for Personal Insight, Building New Foundations & Overcoming Challenges (Valued at $1000)


Depending on the focus of the programme tailored for your needs:

  • increasing your turnover dramatically as well as your income and being able to pay off your student debts earlier, travel and spend time with your family
  • building instant trust and rapport with clients so they follow your recommendations
  • the sense of satisfaction and fulfilment knowing you are creating a career of your dreams
  • identifying and overcoming your limiting beliefs that were sabotaging your career and begin to accelerate your results.
  • knowing how to market yourself and becoming the leader in your community


To get your coaching programme started please confirm that you would like to proceed by emailing Natasha directly at natasha (at) highperformancevets (dot) com and include ‘Coaching’ in your title. From here, a strategy planning session will be set up to get the basic information together, including the goals, the challenges and the opportunities. From here, Natasha will develop the strategy to go forward and the second meeting will cover implementation.

If you are unsure whether coaching or Natasha is right for you, email Natasha at the above address to book a 15 minute strategy call.

Natasha only takes on a small number of coaching clients at any one time. This may mean that there is a waiting list for coaching spaces to become available.


Natasha offers a 100% Money Back Guarantee if coaching is not for you.  This should be discussed before the third coaching session.

However, if it because you are uncomfortable with change, self awareness or moving out of your comfort zone and/or you don’t want to do the work, it is advisable to consider your commitment to yourself & your career.  Growth can have its challenges but the results are incredible!

If it’s just because you are nervous and a tiny bit scared, that’s ok!  The true test of whether coaching is for you is to look forward 5 – 10 years and see what your future will be (most likely the last year repeated yearly for 5-10 years) and consider whether you will regret staying where you currently are.


“I would like to thank Natasha so much for the support and guidance for my career goals.
Thanks for listening to what I needed and then giving great advice and strategies to help me meet my goals. As a result I have increased my productivity and then a successful increase to my salary.  Thanks heaps”
Dr. A. Williams BVSc, B.N.

“We sought Natasha’s expertise 12 months after our business was established. She has provided our business with direction and organisation and she has aided us in implementing systems and the framework for our business to grow. We have had regular Skype interviews to discuss our progress and make plans for the next period. Between meetings she has been fantastic at answering small questions and editing and enhancing our marketing material and is in regular contact. She has been able to give feedback from both a Veterinary professional viewpoint as well as from a marketing and business admin view. She has a great knowledge in current trends of social media and marketing . Her manner is very approachable and friendly and I have no hesitation in saying that she has been invaluable to our business.”

Natasha and Chris Gleeson, Bayside Mobile Vet