Expertise in the Following Areas

Career Acceleration

Evaluate your current knowledge, skills and experience recognising the opportunities in your profession and strategically plan your career.

Build Strong Client Relationships

Your ability to communicate, connect and build strong client relationship contributes to your career success.

Stress Management & Resilience

Stress is inevitable in todays fast paced world.  You must build resilience skills to cope with challenges, overcome adversity and use your optimistic mindset to thrive.

Your Wellbeing

To Flourish in your career and life, your must prioritise your wellbeing.  Applying the principles of neuroscience and positive psychology.

Burnout Prevention

Veterinarians are under more pressure from within, clients and the practice.  Long hours, high workloads and high personal expectations combined with the overachiever mindset and a lack of self care, can lead to burnout.  Learn to identify the stages of burnout and the steps to prevent burnout and compassion fatigue.

Your Income

Do you know what determines your income?  Learn how to discuss costs with clients, identify where you may be undercharging and how to increase your turnover.

Salary Negotiation

Are you comfortable in salary negotiations?  In this highly competitive market, learn the skills that will ensure you are considered an asset to your practice and learn to negotiate your income.

Your Happiness!

Happiness is essential for high performance and success, not the other way around.  Achieve long term life and career satisfaction with evidence based research on happiness and fulfilment.

Dr Natasha Wilks BVSc DipCoaching is a Veterinarian & Coach who is passionate about helping veterinarians succeed in their career and flourish personally.

Natasha graduated from the University of Queensland in 1999 and worked predominantly in small animal practice in Australia and the UK.  She completed her Diploma of Coaching in 2007 and is a Certified Social and Emotional Intelligence Coach.

Natasha created High Performance Vets in 2011 to help veterinarians with their 3 biggest frustrations in practice: the challenges of the job, client interactions and improving their income.

How Natasha can Help You


Natasha speaks at conferences throughout Australia.  She is an established speaker who aims to simplify the topic to ensure maximum engagement.


Natasha trains large and small teams in-practice and at team conferences.  She is proficient in engaging your reception team through to senior professionals.


Natasha is a highly experienced Veterinarian.  She is an insightful and compassionate coach who understands the current pressures that many professionals face and the steps needed to thrive.

Online Courses

Natasha has online courses available which are accessible 24/7 all year round.

Recent Work

Previous clients include:

Natasha is a contributing author to the 8th edition of Vet Coach

Natasha is amazing. She has given me the confidence to move forward just when I felt as though I had come to an enormous standstill in my career. She has incredible insight into all aspects of the industry. Speaking to her, I feel as though new doors have already opened for me. I now have a much better grasp on what I need to do to get to where I want to be. Natasha is very knowledgable and incredibly easy to talk to. She gave me the best advice that I have ever received since beginning my career. She has helped me more than she will ever know and for that I am incredibly grateful.

Dr. Kate

Speaking with Natasha helped bring clarity to my situation and I was able to see that many doors could open in my future, and that I had valuable talents and skills. The conversation with Natasha was easy, factual, clear, and life changing for me. She has a natural rapport with people and her coaching skills are exceptional. I would highly recommend her services to help anyone re-evaluate their career and life goals, and make sure you are living the life you want.

Dr. Fiona Warton

Thank you again for a fantastic workshop, I feel it has been really beneficial for our business and everyone certainly seems more understanding and cohesive, making for a happy work place overall!

Dr. Katie Stoeckel

Owner, Newtown Veterinary Clinic

We sought Natasha’s expertise 12 months after our business was established. She has provided our business with direction and organisation and she has aided us in implementing systems and the framework for our business to grow. We have had regular Skype interviews to discuss our progress and make plans for the next period. Between meetings she has been fantastic at answering small questions and editing and enhancing our marketing material and is in regular contact. She has been able to give feedback from both a Veterinary professional viewpoint as well as from a marketing and business admin view.

Dr. Chris Gleeson & Dr. Natasha Watts

Owner, Bayside Mobile Vet

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