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I had to read this article titled ‘High-achieving Ivy League students often miss an important lesson about how to succeed in life’. 

Mistake #1: Stop Comparing!!
I see the affect that comparing yourself to someone else has on people’s confidence and self-perception.  Usually the result isn’t good.  People feel they come up short and this can develop into anxiety and depression.  The problem with comparison is they are normally comparing their beginning to the other person’s mastery and years of experience.

Mistake #2: Not prioritising down time and self care!
We all know that success comes with sacrifices but if that sacrifice is your health, it’s not sustainable.  You need time to rest, refresh and repair.  You need holidays.  We have winter for a reason. The reason people don’t take breaks or holidays is the treadmill of achievement and the belief that after a number of years, they can slow down and enjoy life then.  It never happens!  They just move to the next level of experience and responsibility, which comes with more work and more pressure.

If you don’t prioritise self-care, you will burnout.
You will develop health problems, either physical, emotional or mental.

Look at your career as 30-40 years to accomplish your goals, rather than trying to achieve everything in 5 years.

It’s a good article to read & so are the books.

Read the article here.

P.S. Remember grit is great but stupid grit isn’t.